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Chloe - Social Media Photo Shoot, Yellagonga Regional Park, Joondalup

Release your majestic mind, embrace your untamed inner spirit. Break free from captivity, avoid society. You were born to be free." ~ Melanie Muller

My beloved niece Chloe and I did another photo shoot last week to top up her social media stock photos. Chloe wanted to embrace her gypsy spirit and boho heart and hold the shoot in nature with a golden sunset as her backdrop.

We chose Lake Joondalup for the location. The abundance of trees, long grasses (that are lush green in winter) and the blue backdrop of the enormous lake makes for an incredibly versatile spot for all kinds of shoots (families, couples in love, pets). I highly recommend you consider it for your future photo session.

As you know from my previous shoot with Chloe, she is breathtakingly beautiful and it's near impossible to take a bad photo of her. She has been my muse for many years and no matter how many photo shoots we do together, she still inspires me to stretch myself artistically and explore my photography in different ways. Her photos shoots always reignite my fire and passion for photography, and remind me why I love taking photos of people.

Chloe is a superstar makeup artist and will be using these photos for her business A Brush With Colour. If you haven't already, head on over to her Instagram account for daily makeup inspiration and definitely check out her You Tube channel for super fun makeup tutorials. It's on her channel that you'll get to see her quirky personality really shine (spoiler alert - she gets Uber excited when she road tests new products. It's adorable!). You can also follow her personal Instagram account where she documents her life, travels and occasionally my two puppies (she's their second mama).

To my darling Chloe, thank you for being an ongoing inspiration to me. Thank you for your free spirit, your compassionate heart and gypsy soul. May you never change.

I can't wait to see what fantastical ideas we come up with for our next photo shoot!

I love you with all my heart and soul.